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Create your editorial media contact list of Nebraska newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. Nebraska media outlets are listed alphabetically by city.

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Nebraska News Media Outlets

City Media Outlet Editor Email
Ainsworth  Ainsworth Star-Journal YesYes
Albion  Albion News YesYes
Alliance  Alliance Times-Herald YesYes
Alma  Harlan County Journal YesYes
Arnold  Arnold Sentinel YesYes
Arthur  Arthur Enterprise YesYes
Ashland  Ashland Gazette YesYes
Atkinson  Atkinson Graphic YesYes
Aurora  Aurora News Register YesYes
Bassett  Rock County Leader YesYes
Bayard  Bayard Transcript YesYes
Beatrice  Beatrice Daily Sun YesYes
Beatrice  KWBE AM 1450 YesYes
Bellevue  Bellevue Leader YesYes
Bellevue  Offutt Air Pulse YesYes
Benkelman  Benkelman Post and News Chronicle YesYes
Blair  Blair Enterprise YesYes
Bloomfield  Bloomfield Monitor YesYes
Blue Hill  Blue Hill Leader YesYes
Bridgeport  Bridgeport News-Blade YesYes
Broken Bow  Custer County Chief YesYes
Burwell  Burwell Tribune YesYes
Butte  Butte Gazette YesYes
Callaway  Callaway Courier YesYes
Cambridge  Cambridge Valley Voice YesYes
Cedar Rapids  Cedar Rapids Press YesYes
Central City  Republican Nonpareil YesYes
Chadron  Chadron Eagle (university) Yes
Chadron  Chadron Record YesYes
Chappell  Chappell Register YesYes
Clarkson  Colfax County Press YesYes
Columbus  Columbus Telegram YesYes
Columbus  KJSK AM 900 YesYes
Cozad  Cozad Tri-City Tribune YesYes
Creighton  Creighton News YesYes
Crete  Crete News YesYes
Crofton  Crofton Journal YesYes
David City  David City Banner-Press YesYes
Dodge  Dodge Criterion YesYes
Doniphan  Doniphan Herald YesYes
Elgin  Elgin Review YesYes
Elkhorn  Douglas County Post-Gazette YesYes
Fairbury  Fairbury Journal-News YesYes
Falls City  Falls City Journal YesYes
Franklin  Franklin County Chronicle YesYes
Fremont  Fremont Area Shopper YesYes
Fremont  Fremont Tribune YesYes
Fremont  KHUB AM 1340 YesYes
Friend  Friend Sentinel YesYes
Fullerton  Nance County Journal YesYes
Geneva  Nebraska Signal YesYes
Genoa  Genoa Leader-Times YesYes
Gering  Gering Courier YesYes
Gordon  Sheridan County Journal Star YesYes
Gothenburg  Gothenburg Times YesYes
Grand Island  Buenos Dias Nebraska YesYes
Grand Island  Grand Island Independent YesYes
Grand Island  KGIN TV 11 (CBS) YesYes
Grand Island  KRGI AM 1430 YesYes
Grand Island  West Nebraska Catholic YesYes
Grant  Grant Tribune-Sentinel YesYes
Gretna  Gretna Breeze YesYes
Gretna  Gretna Guide & News YesYes
Hartington  Cedar County News YesYes
Hastings  Hastings Tribune YesYes
Hayes Center  Hayes Center Times Republican YesYes
Hebron  Hebron Journal-Register YesYes
Hemingford  Hemingford Ledger YesYes
Henderson  Henderson News YesYes
Hickman  Hickman Voice News YesYes
Holdrege  Holdrege Daily Citizen YesYes
Howells  Howells Journal YesYes
Humboldt  Humboldt Standard YesYes
Hyannis  Grant County News YesYes
Imperial  Imperial Republican YesYes
Kearney  Kearney Daily Hub YesYes
Kearney  KGFW AM 1340 YesYes
Kearney  KHGI TV 13 (ABC) YesYes
Kearney  UNK Antelope (university) Yes
Kimball  Western Nebraska Observer YesYes
Laurel  Laurel Advocate YesYes
Leigh  Leigh World YesYes
Lexington  KRVN AM 880 YesYes
Lexington  Lexington Clipper-Herald YesYes
Lincoln  Associated Press (AP) Lincoln Nebraska YesYes
Lincoln  Huskers Illustrated Magazine YesYes
Lincoln  KBBK FM 107.3 YesYes
Lincoln  KFOR AM 1240 YesYes
Lincoln  KFXL TV 51 (Fox) YesYes
Lincoln  KLIN AM 1400 Yes
Lincoln  KOLN TV 10 (CBS) YesYes
Lincoln  KSNB TV 4 (NBC) YesYes
Lincoln  KUCV FM 91.1 YesYes
Lincoln  KUON TV 12 (PBS) YesYes
Lincoln  KZUM FM 89.3 YesYes
Lincoln  L Magazine YesYes
Lincoln  Lincoln Journal Star YesYes
Lincoln  Neighborhood Extra YesYes
Lincoln  Star City Sports Magazine YesYes
Lincoln  UNL Daily Nebraskan (university) Yes
Lyons  Lyons Mirror-Sun YesYes
McCook  KBRL AM 1300 YesYes
McCook  McCook Daily Gazette YesYes
Milford  Milford Times YesYes
Minden  Minden Courier YesYes
Mullen  Hooker County Tribune YesYes
Nebraska City  Nebraska City News Press YesYes
Neligh  Antelope County News YesYes
Nelson  Nuckolls County Locomotive-Gazette YesYes
Niobrara  Niobrara Tribune YesYes
Norfolk  Nebraska Life Magazine YesYes
Norfolk  Norfolk Daily News YesYes
Norfolk  WJAG AM 780 YesYes
North Bend  North Bend Eagle YesYes
North Platte  KNOP TV 2 (NBC) YesYes
North Platte  North Platte Bulletin YesYes
North Platte  North Platte Telegraph YesYes
O'Neill  Holt County Independent YesYes
Oakland  Oakland Independent YesYes
Ogallala  Keith County News YesYes
Omaha  Associated Press (AP) Omaha Nebraska YesYes
Omaha  Catholic Voice YesYes
Omaha  Creightonian (university) Yes
Omaha  Jewish Press YesYes
Omaha  KETV TV 7 (ABC) YesYes
Omaha  KFAB AM 1110 YesYes
Omaha  KIOS FM 91.5 YesYes
Omaha  KMTV TV 3 (CBS) YesYes
Omaha  KOIL AM 1290 YesYes
Omaha  KOZN AM 1620 YesYes
Omaha  KPTM TV 42 (Fox) YesYes
Omaha  KVNO FM 90.7 YesYes
Omaha  KXSP AM 590 YesYes
Omaha  KXVO TV 15 (CW) YesYes
Omaha  KZOT AM 1180 YesYes
Omaha  Midlands Business Journal YesYes
Omaha  Noise Omaha YesYes
Omaha  Omaha Magazine YesYes
Omaha  Omaha Daily Record YesYes
Omaha  Omaha Metro Magazine YesYes
Omaha  Omaha Reader YesYes
Omaha  Omaha Star YesYes
Omaha  Omaha World-Herald YesYes
Omaha  UNO Gateway (university) Yes
Omaha  WOWT TV 6 (NBC) YesYes
Orchard  Orchard News YesYes
Ord  Ord Quiz YesYes
Oshkosh  Garden County News YesYes
Osmond  Osmond Republican YesYes
Palmer  Palmer Journal YesYes
Papillion  Papillion Times YesYes
Pawnee City  Pawnee Republican YesYes
Pender  Pender Times YesYes
Petersburg  Petersburg Press YesYes
Pierce  Pierce County Leader YesYes
Plainview  Plainview News YesYes
Plattsmouth  Plattsmouth Journal YesYes
Ponca  Nebraska Journal-Leader YesYes
Ravenna  Ravenna News YesYes
Red Cloud  Red Cloud Chief YesYes
Saint Paul  Phonograph Herald YesYes
Schuyler  Schuyler Sun YesYes
Scottsbluff  Business Farmer YesYes
Scottsbluff  KNEB AM 960 YesYes
Scottsbluff  KOLT AM 1320 YesYes
Scottsbluff  Scottsbluff Star Herald YesYes
Scribner  Rustler Sentinel YesYes
Seward  Seward County Independent YesYes
Shelton  Shelton Clipper YesYes
Sidney  Sidney Sun Telegraph YesYes
South Sioux City  Dakota County Star YesYes
South Sioux City  Mundo Latino YesYes
Spalding  Spalding Enterprise YesYes
Spencer  Spencer Advocate YesYes
Springview  Springview Herald YesYes
Stanton  Stanton Register YesYes
Stromsburg  Polk County News YesYes
Superior  Superior Express YesYes
Sutherland  Sutherland Courier Times YesYes
Sutton  Clay County News YesYes
Syracuse  Syracuse Journal-Democrat YesYes
Tecumseh  Tecumseh Chieftain YesYes
Tekamah  Burt County Plaindealer YesYes
Tekamah  Midwest Messenger YesYes
Thedford  Thomas County Herald YesYes
Tilden  Tilden Citizen/Meadow Grove News YesYes
Trenton  Hitchcock County News YesYes
Valentine  Valentine Midland News YesYes
Wahoo  Wahoo Newspaper YesYes
Wauneta  Wauneta Breeze YesYes
Wausa  Wausa Gazette YesYes
Waverly  Waverly News YesYes
Wayne  Wayne Herald YesYes
West Point  West Point News YesYes
Wilber  Wilber Republican YesYes
Wisner  Wisner News-Chronicle YesYes
Wymore  Wymore Arbor State YesYes
York  York News Times YesYes

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