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What is Easy Media List?

Easy Media List is the fast and affordable way to create media contact lists for sending press releases, news alerts and related information to the American news media (newspapers, magazines, news websites, radio and TV stations and news agencies).

In just a few minutes you can create a list of editor names, email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses which you can use again and again to contact the media.

You can create a wide variety of media lists, covering:

Who are your customers?

We have thousands of satisfied customers.

How does the service work?

Easy Media List is designed for ease of use. You just select a geographic area (a city or state), or a topic (such as travel), and pay for your list. You will then have immediate access to a personalized web page containing contact information for the media you selected.

The contact information to be included in your list will be displayed before you submit payment, so you can see exactly what you will get.

And with a single click you can send the list to your email address or download the list into the spreadsheet of your choice.

What information is included in each list?

Before you pay for your list, you can see exactly which contact information will be provided for each media outlet you select. Here's a description of each element (note that not all contact information is available for every media outlet):

  • Editor name: The name of the editor of a publication, or the name of the news director or assignment editor of a radio or TV station.
  • Email address: The email address where press releases are received by the media outlet. This is usually the email address of an editor, but sometimes it is a "role" account (e.g. pressrelease@anewspaper.com).
  • Phone number: Usually, the general (front desk) number of the media outlet.
  • Mailing address: The regular mail address of the media outlet. Often this is a PO Box.
  • Website address: The website URL of the media outlet.

What does this service cost?

The cost is based on the number of media outlets in the list you select. The cost is clearly displayed before you complete your purchase. The minimum charge for a list is $9.99.

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Do you have national news media contacts?

We offer a wide range of lists of national news media in the United States.

You can also order editorial contacts at the top 100 American newspapers.

How should these media lists be used?

The media lists at Easy Media List are intended for the distribution of story ideas, press releases and media alerts to American news media outlets. They should not be used for any other purpose.

Are there other limitations on the use of the information?

Yes. Any list your order from Easy Media List is for use within your organization only, and you may not redistribute it to anyone outside your organization. By using this web site or making a purchase here you are subject to these terms and conditions.

What do I do if the contact information is wrong or out of date?

We will fix or replace any errors for 30 days after you purchase your list. If you find any problems, just let us know and we will do our best to get you correct information. If we can't do that, we will substitute another media outlet of your choice.

How can I keep my list up to date?

As you would expect, contact information changes over time. You can order a new media list from Easy Media List at any time to refresh your list with up-to-date contact information.

How do you collect media contact information?

Mondo Code LLC, which owns this service, provides a range of information services using extensive media databases which we built and maintain. We stand behind the quality of our information and we do not "rent" list information from other sources.

Does Easy Media List provide telephone support?

Yes. You can call us at 720.565.8455. Or contact us online with your question or concern.

Can you provide help with writing a press release?

We do not offer writing services, but your can see our library of publicity ideas and concepts, which includes an article on how to write effective press releases.

Where can I find more information about the news media?

Mondo Times, the worldwide news media guide covers newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations in the USA and around the world. Mondo Times is a service of Mondo Code LLC, the company which owns Easy Media List.

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